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M&T Development Centurion Gauteng

M&T Development Centurion Gauteng Commercial Property For Sale

M&T Development Centurion Gauteng interests you. Gain information about them, with Commercial Property For Sale.

Here Is Vital Information About M&T Development Centurion Gauteng.

M&T Development Centurion Gauteng was officially founded in South Africa, in 1996. It started its initial business in residential development, from your first-time home owner to grand estates, and full title homes. They have since supplied more than 21,000 homes, and carry on, to supply the complete spectrum of residential properties to the market.

M&T Development Centurion Gauteng has expanded its knowledge into the commercial, retail, as well as industrial sectors of the real estate market, having effectively developed more than 500,000 square metres for more than a decade. This includes an award-winning shopping centre and many national and multi-national clients within their portfolio.

With an established track record, M&T Development Centurion Gauteng provides peace of mind to investors and purchasers. They are able to trust that they are getting the finest quality, service, and value that there is to provide. M&T Development Centurion Gauteng’s vision is to alter the typical process of property development and to set the bar higher on each project that it does.

Learn About The Services M&T Development Centurion Gauteng Provides.

Home Warranty.

Home Warranty is an additional service that M&T Homes offers for their clients. The warranty periods that are indicated below are valid from the date of registration.

For your interest:

If a client makes the decision to put in a garage door motor, if the installer is not a recognised garage door motor installer, the warranty on the garage door will lapse instantly.

You have to contact the Body Corporate, in the event of instances regarding burst geysers and external problems outside of your unit.

Be aware that one motor per door is to be put in.


Your Home Warranty on your new M&T Home includes:

3-Month Warranties:




Kitchen cabinets.

Leaking toilet.

Telephone lines.

Electricity (not including replacing globes).

Locks and keys.



Garage roll-up doors.


12-Month Warranties:

Water damp.

Pipe leak in wall.

Geyser thermostat.

Geyser element.


12-Month Warranties on Whirlpool:



Cooker Hood.


24-Month Warranties on Defy:



Cooker Hood.


Heat Pump Warranties:

Each Kwikot Domestic Heat Pump carries a 2-year warranty. The warranty excludes the installation warranty. The warranty will start from the date of installation, or proof when the unit was inhabited for the first time.

The warranty includes every component inside the heat pump.

Every Aqua Magma heat pump carries a warranty for 2 years, from the date of installation. The warranty excludes the installation warranty.

The warranty includes every component inside the heat pump.


60-Month Warranties Defy:

Structural cracks within the unit.

Warranties are offered on geysers for 60 months, by geyser companies, in case the geyser bursts.

You can be in touch with the Body Corporate, in the event of a burst geyser. Every issue outside the unit has to be told to the Body Corporate. This falls under Communal. The Body Corporate focuses on this. This includes blocked drains, leaking taps, etc.


Bonds Administration.

They will do your bond application. M&T Homes offers an in-house bond originator service to each of its clients, at no inconvenience. They have more than 20 years of experience that will hasten, and guarantee every client the greatest of pleasure while getting a bond(s).

Let their friendly and knowledgeable staff help you in getting a bond through these financial institutions: Standard Bank, Nedbank, FNB, ABSA, and SA Homeloans.

More than 15 years’ experience in quick, simple bond applications. This service is supplied, at no additional cost. Speak to your agent for additional information.



M&T Development Centurion Gauteng has a completely operational Facilities Department, to concentrate on every one of its commercial and industrial requirements. They strongly believe that their tenants’ requirements are their highest concern.

The Department’s distinct goal is to remove everyday maintenance and to guarantee that every tenant’s working space is at its best condition, each day. They endeavour to supply an incomparable post-leasing service, throughout the period of every tenant’s lease.

They have backup support systems, like clients being able to communicate with their centre managers directly, their help desk service, that lets any problem be communicated and tackled by their mobile in-house technical teams, in the most successful and effective time frame.


Turnkey Commercial Solutions.

M&T Development Centurion Gauteng is a specialist in the development of offices, retail centres, as well as light industrial parks. Their central point is presently within Gauteng, focusing on Centurion, Pretoria CBD, as well as Olifantsfontein – along the Albertina Sisulu Highway (R21).

Their top priority has constantly been to develop an enduring relationship with each tenant they deal with, for the complete period of his/her lease. They have recognised a requirement in the market for a landlord with this particular broader skill set, throughout the whole term of his/her lease. They have also recognised a requirement in the market for a landlord with a broader skill set.

A skill set that offers every tenant no worry, a one-stop shop menu of customised services that are particular, to satisfy every tenant’s needs, to best help him/her to steer himself/herself through the hardships of moving his/her operations.

Their internal disciplines are:

Design: Architecture, interior design, detailing & specification, space planning, brand application to the built environment, and procurement of each of your needs.

Execution: Building of the actual building, and/or the interior, quantity surveyor, project management, and statutory approvals.

Conclusion of the tenant installation by M&T Development Centurion Gauteng’s team permits a smooth crossover to its facilities team, for the continuing upkeep of the building’s shell and shared areas. This complete scope service is done on an adjustable budget basis. It lets any savings that may be attained because of value engineering, and/or the tender process, be passed on to the tenant. They are able to offer extra information, if necessary.

You have learned so much about them.

Be In Touch With M&T Development Centurion Gauteng.

Phone them on (+27) 012 676-8500. Fax them on (+27) 012 676-8555. Email them at


Their Physical Address is:

Eco Court (1st Floor)

340 Witch-Hazel Avenue




South Africa


Their Postal Address is:

PO Box 39727

Faerie Glen



South Africa


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