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Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng

Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng Commercial Property For Sale

You want to learn about Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng. Let Commercial Property For Sale assist you in finding out about Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng.

Know About Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng.

One of South Africa’s foremost commercial property and industrial property brokerages is Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng. It is led by a team of very passionate and energetic property experts. It has earned itself a trustworthy reputation in the industry. Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng is dedicated to growing long-term successful relationships that contribute to the attainment of personal and business objectives for the clients it values: a notable list of important investors, corporates, as well as business-owners. The company’s powerhouse of specialists offer a variety of services to clients. These services include: property sales, advice about leasing, rentals, valuations, as well as offering corporate consultancy to the commercial and industrial property, and retail markets.

Learn About The National Footprint.

A complete national footprint with offices in Gauteng, Western Cape, Durban, and Eastern Cape, in conjunction with an advanced real-time property and client-matching system, helps them in offering personalised solutions for their clients.

See Three Essential Items For Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng’s Success.

Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng’s Knowledge:

They have created their own proprietary software. This orders thorough layered information that is relevant to the commercial property context in South Africa. Their team of driven professionals has gathered this knowledge. This has been done to make sure that they constantly have the best and most current information at hand, to give their clients essential information in order to help their corporate decision-making method. This information is real-time. It offers an immediate snapshot of any sector, section, or geographic of their market.

Their People:

They appeal to, establish, and work with the best-of-class in their industry. They dare them to think in a creative way, and grow committed value-adding relationships with their clients, to deliver on their offering at each level. Knowledge, morals, as well as eagerness are vital in their corporate culture.

Their Culture:

As a company, they are obsessed with enterprise, as well as innovation. Entrepreneurial thinking is what they encourage. They put into practice and find ideas in the business that will uphold their advantage. Their systems, knowledge of property, and client base are testimony to their culture, their people, and their position in the market.

Learn About Expansion At Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng.

Their company has expanded quickly, given their flexibility because of a flat, incorporated style of management. Each person at their company contributes to its achievement. The energy, eagerness, and team spirit translate into a very efficient and well-esteemed brokerage. Their expansion includes Southern Africa, and valuation, as well as advice-giving services as a natural development to the business. They are confident that they will carry on to stay quick and effective, and take the same method and attitude they constantly have – to offer moral, professional and effective service to their clients, with an eagerness that assures success.

Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng Provides These Services:

Leasing, Corporate Solutions, Development Consultancy, Investment Advice-Giving, Portfolio Sales & Investment, Lease Advice-Giving, Research, Presentation Of Tenant, Valuation, Structure Acquisition and Planning.

The Sectors Are:

Offices, Logistics & Industrial, Retail and Call Centres.

Learn About Their Company History.

Tony Galetti and Francois Staples first created the company in the Western Cape, in 2006. The international best practice values instilled into the essence of the business were welcomed by what was at that time considered as a smaller market. Subsequent to the company’s fast development in the region, expansion to Gauteng was a natural development, with satellite offices situated in Natal and Pretoria. Currently, the company’s 40-robust team of real estate experts offers a strong national footprint – actually the company is one of just three national groups in the country. Because of the expansive reach and quality of service, the company has firm working relationships with bigger private institutional funds and the listed sector, servicing their property needs, including: asset disposals, leasing and acquisitions. 250 contracts in total were concluded in their last financial year. These include: lease and sale transactions. This is up from merely 19 contracts concluded in the first year that the company operated, in 2006. The company’s firm volume growth with compounded revenue growth well in excess thereof are testimony to the close, constant relationships they value with their retail, commercial as well as industrial clients.

Contact Galetti Knight Frank Gauteng.

Call them in Gauteng on: +27 (0) 11 783-1195. Their Fax Number is: +27 (0) 11 706-5930. Email them at

Their Physical Address in Gauteng is:

50 Old Kilcullen Road





You can be in touch with them in London. Their Website is:

Their Physical Address in London is:

55 Baker Street



United Kingdom

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