Commercial Property For Sale

If you are a commercial property landlord, or are looking to become one, then check out Commercial Property For Sale. Here you will find information about operating commercial property, as well as commercial property for sale. You can also find commercial property to rent. Simply follow the links. Get it all at Commercial Property For Sale.

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commercial property for sale


Commercial Property to Rent

commercial property to rent

commercial property to rent

Commercial Property to Rent

 Commercial Property  for Lease and Rent

Start your search for Commercial property to rent on Commercial Property for Sale. We feature thousands of commercial spaces for lease and rent with an emphasis on spaces smaller than 5,000 square feet. On Commercial Property to Rent you can find all types of commercial spaces for lease: retail, office, warehouse, industrial.

Search through listings of thousands of commercial spaces for rent and lease from major South African commercial brokerages, and research the Commercial Property to Rent and neighbourhood to make an informed decision.

Additional Information on Commercial Property to Rent

Commercial Property to Rent is not just a commercial space listing engine, on Commercial Property to Rent you can conduct in-depth research on any given South African commercial property. You can find a property overview containing information such as building dimensions, lot size, zoning, tenants, property income and expenses, and more. Commercial Property to Rent allows you to research the owner of the commercial property, look through title documents or analyse neighbourhood demographic data.

Commercial Property to Let


If you have vacant commercial units you need to let, Commercial Property to Rent can help you. With over two million commercial searches each month, we can give your commercial lets huge exposure to tenants and agents looking for short and long term leases. If you are an agent or landlord looking for tenants to fill your premises, contact us today about.

Tenant’s Advice Guide for Renting Commercial Property

Renting commercial property for any length of time is a detailed process and will be one of your business’s largest expenses so it’s vital that you understand what’s involved.

At Commercial Property to Rent, our commercial department is partner-led and managed by a team of experienced professionals who will guide you through the complexities of the process from your initial enquiry all the way through to completion.

This guide will take you through a generic checklist for leasing commercial property but as always, we advise you seek professional advice from our team of experts before entering in to any agreement or transaction.

When deciding on a property for your business, the fundamental question you need to ask yourself is, ‘is this building and its amenities suitable for the needs of our business, not just for today but into the future’? If, once you have done your research the answer is yes, you can then embark on the process.

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