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commercial property for sale


Commercial property to rent in pretoria

Commercial property to rent in pretoria

Commercial property to rent in pretoria

Commercial property to rent in pretoria

Known as the Jacaranda Capital for all the purple blossom trees, which line its thoroughfares, Pretoria is a lovely, quiet city. It has a long, involved and fascinating history. You will find significant old buildings and fascinating museums. The Transvaal Museum has natural history displays and is the home of Mrs Ples, the australopithecine fossil found at Sterkfontein in the Cradle of Humankind.  leafy Pretoria tends to endure a Cinderella complex when compared with the neighbouring city of Johannesburg. When it comes to world class cities, Johannesburg is one of the most ‘happening’ cities on the African continent and the city gleams with the glamour of money.

Pretoria however is far from being an average city as there is a fair amount of productivity that happens in the city.  Pretoria has a beauty all of its own, and the slow pace of life is regarded as a bonus by its residents. Many Jo’burgers seek a quieter presence in Pretoria, prepared to commute daily rather live in the comparative rat race of that compared to Jozi.

Commercial property to rent in pretoria offers cheaper options as compared to its brother city, the rent rates are also subsequently very low as compared to those of johannesburg as a result many opt to do business in Pretoria for the peace and to experience less hassle in moving around between meetings and lunches. Pretoria offers a rather different scene with more customised business needs than that of Johannesburg more the reason to consider moving to rent in Pretoria.

Business might start off slow but with time as the locals get used to you. You will find that engaging in money talk becomes as easy as walk in the park, be prepared to work hard to impress the clients and you will come right!

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