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Commercial property to rent in pretoria east

Commercial property to rent in pretoria east

Commercial property to rent in pretoria east

Commercial property to rent in pretoria east

Every city has its dividing line. Normally it’s south and north of a river or railway line that becomes the distinction between the eligibility of any given suburb. In Pretoria, it’s more a case of a line of division between east and west. East of Pretoria lie a collection of suburbs that include some of the city’s more upmarket communities like Waterkloof, Garsfontein, Faerie Glen and Lynnwood. Most of the more elite suburbs lie in a curve that forms a semi-circle around the centre of Pretoria moving out, and, whilst some of these have been abandoned by Pretoria city-dwellers for the more recent security estates that have mushroomed in outlying suburbs, such as Silver Lakes, Garsfontein and Equestria, there is little that beats the beautiful, sedate old homes of Brooklyn, Hatfield and Waterkloof.

Commercial property to rent in pretoria east lies in an exclusive upmarket part of pretoria and many would agree that it is a sound suburb even for a business to operate in, most of the time there is low noise levels. The commercial property here is not the cheapest but you are guaranteed of safety at all times as there is frequent neighbourhood watch companies that do their rounds to ensure safety in the neighbour hood. So safety is not a hazard.

There are added attractions. Sammy Marks House, the Victorian-style home set in gorgeous gardens that forms an essential part of any trip east of the city not only provides an afternoon’s worth of ambling through Sammy Marks’ home as it was during the late 19th century, but a fine spread for afternoon tea on the verandah or in the garden.

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