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If you are a commercial property landlord, or are looking to become one, Then check out Commercial Property For Sale. Here you will find information about operating commercial property, as well as commercial property for sale. Look for Commercial Panda on our website. Follow the link, and find all the commercial property for sale in South Africa, at your fingertips.

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Commercial Property For Sale South Africa

Commercial property owners need to be aware of the risks they face in the industry if they hope to survive in the long run. For example, if the landlord is under-insured or the tenant mix is of poor quality.

Considering the tough economic climate, Commercial Property For Sale has provided some valuable tips.

1.  Commercial Property Tenant Mix

One of the big issues is that landlords look to put any tenant they can into a space. That panic, can sometimes lead to the overlooking of the buildings original plan and vision. What landlords have to realise, is that, the eviction process can be complicated. Also, the cost of remodelling that same space for the next tenant, can be cumbersome to say the least. Consequently, tenant mix needs to be carefully considered.

2.Commercial Property Insurance

Many landlords too often under-insure there commercial property. Remember the point of insurance, to provide for those unexpected events. Of which, there can be numerous in a large building. Roofs collapsing, shoppers injured etc…Don’t allow your business to suddenly have to bear a shock, which could be devastating. Rather, grit your teeth amd pay that monthly fee, which can be budgetted for. That’s at least Commercial Property For Sale’s view.

3. Commercial Property Inadequate parking

Something also to consider, very carefully in fact, is parking. You’ll probably have few chances to get it right, and it can frustrate customers, which inevitably affects shops. Bear in mind:

  • Customers don’t want to wait long periods to find parking.
  • They also don’t want to have to land up parking on the street.
  • Parking lots should also be easy to maneauver through. Accidents can make you regret not taking that insurance.
  • Be aware of the tenant mix, and how it can affect parking. Some tenants may need bays for longer.

4. Commercial Property Maintenance

Maintenance is vital, but can often be done in an “over board” manner. Remember, the shoppers experience should be pleasant. Your goal should be to maximize easy foot flow, and cleanliness. Ultimately though, If you wish to get traffic up, do your maintenance. Like ensuring the commercial property is clean, and taps and toilets are working.

Should you wish to purchase commercial property, Commercial Property For Sale recommends checking out Commercial PandaCommercial Panda provides an easy to use search engine, ideal for the commercial property investor.

This is how it works on Commercial Panda:

  • Simply enter the area you are looking to let or purchase in.
  • Filter by your price per square meterage, & size requirement..


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